Pulsed neutron research / IAEA - Viena IAEA 1965 - Viena : IAEA, 1965.

Non multiplying systems -- A review of pulsed neutron experiments on non-multiplying media -- Extrapolation distances for pulsed neutron experiments -- Diffusion parameters of beO by the pulsed neutron method -- Neutron slowing down time and thermalization time constant in graphite -- Neutron hermalization and spectra -- Calculations of thermal scattering kernels -- The effects of coherent scattering on the thermalization of neutrons in beryllium

Thermal multiplying systems -- Survey of pulsed neutron source methods for multiplying media -- Reactivity measurement by the pulsed neutron methods -- Interpretation of pulsed source experiments -- Fast neutron systems -- Mesures par neutrons pulses sur des assemblages critiques -- Determination of neutron lifetimes and reactivities in the fast critical FR-0 assembly -- Pulsed reactors and neutron sources -- Fast burst reactors in the United of America -- Related techniques -- Techniques closely related to pulsed neutron research -- Comparative study of several types of pulsed and modulated -- Theory of pulsed neutron experiments in highly heterogeneous

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